We often hear from our patients about the excellect care the doctors and staff provide at Anmmolorthovision. Hear what our patients have been saying for years about our bone and eye care hospital!
If you are a patient, your feedback is valuable to us. Please take a few minutes to write your feedback. Feedback

Neelakantan Kashyap

"I was quite impressed by the facilities provided in your nursing home...."

Dear Dr. Haresh Manglani,

I was quite impressed by the facilities provided in your nursing home and some of them which are worth mentioning are:

  • The neat & well maintained hall, rooms and also the O.T.
  • The infrastructure provided in the room, viz, hot water, television, extra bed for the relatives to attend to the patient during the day/night, the space constraint not withstanding.
  • The insistence on dress code on patients to inculcate a sense of discipline.
  • Offering of hot tea/ coffee, early in the morning, to the patients.
  • The sponge bath provided to the patients as a matter of hygiene.

I left your nursing home with a light heart and also with a conviction that a good hospital does exist in Mulund which can provide treatment which is affordable without sacrificing on quality.

Sachin Rahane

"Your sincerity, concern & care for the patient......"

When I got admitted in your hospital, I was wreathing in pain, cursing myself for being rather haste, which on a hind sight, could have been avoided. Your entry with a smiling face was soothing and taking stock of my case, immediately, on arrival, instilled confidence. Your briefing me on the procedure to be followed for the treatment showed your sincerity, concern & care for the patient.

Ananya Sampat

"Can't thank you enough......"

Dear Dr. Namrata Manglani,

Dr. Namrata Manglani, I can't thank you enough for the great job you did on my eye. I see everything so much better now and I guess next year we will probably do the other one. I'm looking forward to getting my new glasses. I really wasn't happy about getting operated on at my age but you put me at ease and I had complete faith in you and I didn't feel a thing. The drops were a pain but once I worked that out it was clear sailing from then on. So one more time thanks! I'm proud to have you for my doctor and I tell anyone who asks me that.

Shruti Kulkarni

"So Happy with the Results!"

I had a total hip replacement done at Anmmolorthovision and I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of the care I received. Dr. Haresh Manglani and his staff were very professional from the evaluation to the aftercare. The doctor always made sure I understood every aspect of the operation and they were very compassionate afterward. I have no complaints whatever about the care I received. Thank you all very much.

Kirti Patil

"I am so very happy that I choose Anmmolorthovision!"

I am so very grateful to Dr. Namrata Manglani and her staff at Anmmolorthovision. The lens gave me joy and sight from the moment Dr. Manglani took the eye patch off after surgery. It was like a miracle. I am so very happy that I choose Anmmolorthovision! I would recommend it to everyone having cataract surgery.