Eye Stress is the process of the eye tissues and nerves getting strained and made into tension.

Eye Stress
What is Eye Stress?

It is the process of the eye tissues and nerves getting strained and made into tension. Eyes have very sensitive tissues that can take up a limited amount of stress. If the tension or tolerance is exceeded it leads to Eye stress.

Eyes need explicit care and healthy treatment to keep vision clear and to avoid stress. Vision problems are most common for the computer professionals in today’s world where people are working for hours in front of the computer screen.

Eye strain caused by computers

Computer professionals are working for hours staring at the computer screen acquiring more eye problems which may affect the eyes drastically over a period of time. Some of the symptoms of eye problems are listed below:

  • Eye itching
  • Eye irritation
  • Eye pain
  • Eye dryness
  • Blurring of eyes
  • Tears in eyes
  • Reduced eye power

Eye care for computer users

  • Rest your eyes from continuous usage of computers frequently.
  • Every 15 minutes take your focus from your computer screen and stare at the wall for 5 minutes blinking your eyes. This will make your eyes switch to the normal light of the environment reducing the strain.
  • Warm up your palms by rubbing one with one other and then place your palms over your eyes. This will make your eyes feel less tired.
  • Eye twitching is one more effective way to keep your eyes nourished. Blink when you feel your eyes get dried. Blink your eyes from 10 to 20 counts for every 15 min or 30 min while using a computer.
  • Movement of your eyes is the main aspects in eye stress exercises. Sit in a calm airy place comfortably with no disturbance. Have your hands closer thumbs facing you with a closed palm, move your hands and make sure that your eyes follow your thumb.

Eye exercises for computer users

  • Blink your eyes for 10 counts: Open your eyes wide open and then close them tight. Be gentle in doing this exercise to avoid over strain.
  • Eyes up and down: Move your eyes from up and down and vice versa for 10-15 counts. Repeat this for 3 sets. Blink your eyes between each set.
  • Eye left to right: Move your eyes from left to right and from right to left for 10-15 counts. Repeat for 3 sets.
  • Eye on a circle: Move your eyes in a circular movement i.e., clockwise and anti clockwise movement for 5 counts each.
  • Eye signs: Move your eyes in a figure 8. Repeat it for 3-5 sets.
  • Black mark: Keep a black mark on the wall and concentrate on the black spot for as long as you can. This enhances eye power and increases your eye capacity of withstanding eye stress. Close your left eye and focus on the black spot for 5 min. then repeat it with the right eye. Do it for 3 sets each. This will stimulate eye focus for both the eyes separately.
  • Rest: Rest your eyes for 10-20 min by keeping them closed after performing these eye stress exercise.