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Anmmol Orthovision provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of orthopaedic, cancer and ophthalmic conditions for patients of all ages. We pride ourselves on providing high quality compassionate care in a wide range of orthopaedic, oncologic and ophthalmologic specialties. We see our role in patient care as both educators and treating physicians working together with you to offer you the best possible medical and surgical care available. We want our patients to participate in the decision making process. Each diagnosis is discussed in depth and the options for treatment are reviewed. In cases in which surgery becomes necessary, the operative skills of our orthopaedic and ophthalmic surgeons are broad and complete. Our doctors will apply the most advanced and innovative technology to treat your problem.

Dr. Haresh Manglani

Orthopaedic and Cancer Surgeon
M.S. Ortho, DNB, Fellow: USA, Canada & TMH
Dr. Haresh Manglani

Dr. Haresh Manglani is a highly skilled and trusted orthopaedic surgeon who provides contemporary and innovative orthopaedic care utilizing the latest advancements in surgical procedures and state of the art equipment. He focuses on advanced techniques for limb salvage in cancer affected patients, joint replacement procedures - hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle, spine surgery and instrumentation, hand reconstruction, fractures, trauma, complicated fractures, non – unions of operated fractures, pediatric disorders, arthroscopy and congenital anomalies.

Dr. Namrata Manglani

Ophthalmic Surgeon
M.S. Ophthalmology
Dr. Namrata Manglani

Dr. Namrata Manglani has expertise in medical and surgical ophthalmology and performs numerous surgical procedures including cataract extraction with phaco emulsification, squint corrections, DCR, LASIK and glaucoma treatment. Dr.Namrata Manglani's goal is to create an atmosphere of comfort and professionalism with an emphasis upon your personalized care. She has good apptitude for treating paediatric patients and childhood conditions like amblyopia. Her special interests are Anterior segment surgery, Phacoemulsification, Squint surgery, DCR, DCT.

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Our Promise to Patients

Our purpose at
Anmmol Orthovision
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To break our records
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